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Repairing the Meniscus

To preserve as much meniscal function as possible after you tear your cartilage, we often repair the meniscus through small, 1/4 inch incisions under arthroscopic visualization. We might use special sutures, absorbable staples, or rivets to secure the meniscus during healing.

Even with the most advanced techniques, however, we cannot repair some tears. They must be partially trimmed while preserving as much of the tissue as possible.

Replacing the Meniscus—The Cutting Edge

If you have had all or much of your meniscus removed, The Cartilage Restoration Center of New Jersey has extensive experience with an innovative procedure called a meniscal transplantation. Performed through small arthroscopy incisions, intermediate term clinical studies with this procedure show encouraging results. Unlike other forms of tissue transplantation, the body does not reject the implant so you would not need rejection medication. Our surgeons would need to carefully assess your need for this implant, considering such factors as the extent and location of your missing meniscal tissue.


Repairing the Meniscus—Future Trends

We might someday be able to laser activate a chemical to bond the meniscal molecules at the repair site. Biological “healing glues” might soon be available. Collagen or another biologic tissue might serve as a bridge or scaffold for your body’s own healing and repair response to restore the form and function of the meniscus. Several investigations are ongoing.

Ultimately, the CRCNJ focuses on resolving pain, restoring function and preventing the longer term progression of any damage to arthritis. We want our patients to avoid more invasive surgeries later in life.


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