is joint pain normal?




Not necessarily! Joint pain is not “just part of the aging process,” so you need not tolerate it. Joint pain represents your body’s warning light, much like the warning light in your car. When your dashboard shows a warning light you do not use masking tape to hide it. Yet, pain medication often just “masks” deeper joint problems. You need to determine the source of the problem.

The problem could be small, responding quickly to an exercise program. Sometimes a more involved problem will require surgery. In any case, the problem will not disappear if you ignore it. In fact, ignoring or masking the problem will likely damage the joint even further.

Cartilage damage is the most common cause of pain and disability. Some estimates indicate over 2million Americans suffer knee cartilage problems every year. Sometimes the damage results from a single trauma. Often the damage results from a slow, progressive degeneration without a single known cause. The end result? Pain, swelling, and loss of knee and body function that limit an active lifestyle.

We developed The Cartilage Restoration Center of New Jersey to provide a full range of the most advanced treatment options for knee cartilage problems. We offer the latest, less invasive procedures adapted for arthroscopic surgery, surgery that uses smaller incisions and miniature cameras to observe the knee. We perform some techniques under a local anesthetic as a same-day outpatient. Other techniques might require little more than an overnight stay or brief hospitalization. Sometimes these procedures not only resolve your pain and restore your knee function, but also halt the progression to arthritis.

The CRCNJ shares our clinical results with other regional Cartilage Restoration Centers and their surgeons in North America in order to advance cartilage restoration techniques.

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