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Many patients suffer for years with arthritis that limits even the simplest activities. For these patients many cartilage restoration techniques offered by The Cartilage Restoration Center of New Jersey would not be helpful. Fortunately, surgeons at the CRCNJ offer other treatments to relieve pain and restore function for arthritic patients.

Viscosupplement Injections

Surgeons inject the knee with a viscosupplement, a compound that often offers relief by improving both joint lubrication in the short term and a healthier joint environment in the intermediate term.

These non-cortisone injections are natural lubricants much like healthy joint fluid. Available as FDA approved treatments, the patient receives 3 injections over 15 days. Results depend on the severity of arthritis. Significant relief of pain and immobility may last six months or longer. As these treatments improve the CRCNJ will continue to offer them.


Joint misalignments, like bow legs or knock knees, cause uneven joint forces on the knee. The resulting overload can cause pain and degeneration to one side of the knee joint. The surgeon performs an osteotomy, or “bone cut,” to the femur or tibia to realign the knee. The new position of the healed bones loads more weight on the healthy side of the knee and takes the weight off the unhealthy side to prevent further degeneration.

Unicompartmental Joint Replacement

Here the surgeon replaces only the damaged compartment of the knee with metal and plastic implants, leaving the healthy portion of the knee intact.

Total Joint Replacement

Sometimes the damage to the joint is so extensive the entire surface needs replacing. The surgeon uses artificial knee components of plastic and metal to allow most patients to return to many pain-free activities.

Other Joints

Every joint in the human body contains fibro-cartilage and/or articular cartilage. So, the CRCNJ has access to subspecialists in all areas of orthopaedics. Please see our website.


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